Talent, Dedication and Results

It is based on that trio that PD Soluções, a design house indicated by the giant ST, operates for many years developing custom solutions for each client, always focused on quality and results. Our main goal is your company success!

With us your project will be a success.

It means that PD Soluções works focused on attending their clients needs, ensuring the best results with the most advanced technologies, inovations and cost benefit relation.

Wide experience at your dispposal.

PD Soluções works since 2008 to transform your problem into solution, your idea in a product; whatever the area or segment of your company. Therefore, besides SD partnership, PD counts on other partner companies to make sure that the ideal solution be delivered to it's clients, attending their needs.



PD Soluções works focused on attending it's clients needs, searching for best technology solutions and cost benefit relation.


Inovating and speaking the language that your company needs, along with a specialized team that is always ready for challenges.


Well thought and custom solutions to solve problems and ensure results in your company.